Maddie and Drew graduate!

Congratulations to Maddie and Drew! Maddie is off to pursue a PhD at Wake Forest and Drew is taking a gap year before applying to graduate school.
7 May 2022

Drew and Evan present their research at the RU Student Engagement Forum

Drew presented his research involving a novel three compound layer-by-layer system involving glycerol-based carbon nanoparticles, titanium dioxide and chitosan for use in the photocatalytic degradation of emerging pollutants . Evan presented his work on the synthesis of nano-tungsten oxide compounds for use in photocatalytic degradation of pollutants for water purification
21 Apr 2022

Maddie presents her research at the ACS National Meeting in San Diego

Maddie gave a oral presentation to a full room entitled Engineered Carbon Nanoparticle / Chitosan Composite Materials as Multi-functional and Tunable adsorbents for Water Purification featuring a novel composite for water purification combining our glycerol-based carbon nanoparticles and chitosan derived from waste crab shells.
20 Mar 2022

Raman microscope arrives!

A perfect complement to our infrared microscopy, our material characterization has taken a big step forward with the arrival of the DXR3 Raman microscope from Thermo Scientific.
15 Feb 2022

New SEM arrives!

Our research takes a big step forward with the arrival of a JEOL ISM-IT500HRLA Field Emission SEM with EDS capability!
1 Apr 2021